VLI encompasses the belief that all members of our community should enjoy the same opportunities of employment as all others, and promotes the ideal that employment provides the self-worth and self-respect for which most of us strive. Given the right situation, all individuals, regardless of their ability or disability can be productive, contributing members of our society. The services that VLI offers have allowed this dream to become a reality to many of our community members who, despite disability, have proven to be great assets to local employers.

Adult Development Center

The Adult Day Center is designed with a classroom element, allowing individuals to learn different subjects on a daily basis to help enhance their knowledge and independence. We have many areas we concentrate on and under each area there is…

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Supported Employment Program

By providing comprehensive services, many individuals with little to no vocational experience can readily transition into supported employment.¬†Well managed support staff is often the key to a successful employment relationship between a consumer and community employer.¬† VLI maintains a tenured…

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Ventures is a community based program designed with groups of three individuals and a Community Team Leader. Ventures offers 100% supervision and is solely based in the community.. Each group of individuals is geographically close to each other and many…

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