SEIU Work Training Program

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DHR is pleased to work in partnership with SEIU to launch the SEIU Work Training Program, a program established during the 2019 contract negotiations. The SEIU Work Training Program is intended to support SEIU members to pursue education that will lead to promotional opportunities. The program provides up to eight hours per week of release time for members to attend classes that (a) are only offered during the employee’s regular work hours, and (b) are classes that are related to a degree, certification or other minimum qualification of a City job-class the employee aspires to. Based on successful completion of coursework, employees accepted into the program may be able to participate for up to two years, or four academic semesters.

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To be eligible to apply to the Work Training Program, employees must:

  • Be full-time PCS Employee in a classification represented by SEIU 1021 - Misc and Service Critical MOU
  • Have at least one year continuous service in any classification represented by SEIU 1021
  • Plan to continue working for the City for at least two years after completion of the course(s)

Program Requirements

  • Course(s) must be related to a degree, certification, or other minimum qualification of a City job-class the applicant aspires to.
  • Selected course must not be offered at any other time, other than during the employee’s regular work hours.
  • Participants must enroll in courses for the Winter or Spring quarter/semester, beginning January, 2021.
  • Employee is responsible for the cost of tuition and course fees; this program only covers release time or replacement costs for the employee to attend courses during regular work hours.
  • To continue in the program, employee must show successful course completion and passing grade at the end of each semester.

Application Process

  • Applications will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis.
  • The Application period will be open from December 6, 2021 at 9:00 am until December 31, 2021 at 5:00 pm.
  • Applications must be reviewed and approved by the employee’s supervisor, Departmental Personnel Officer, and Department of Human Resources.
  • Approval will be based on program requirements, availability of funds to cover the cost of employee release time/replacement, and operational needs of the employee’s work unit. An employee will not be unreasonably denied approval to participate in the program.
  • Applicants will be notified as soon as your department approves/denies your application to participate.
  • Applicant must submit confirmation of enrollment into an eligible course in order to receive final approval to participate in the program.
  • We anticipate strong demand for this program. Applicants not accepted into the program will be placed on the program waitlist.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who will review my application and what will reviewers consider?

When reviewing the application, the supervisor and Departmental Personnel Officer (DPO) will consider: whether the proposed class is part of a degree or certificate program that aligns to the employee’s career goals, whether the class is only offered during work hours, and whether the Department has options to fill this work with replacement staff or reallocate work as needed. If the supervisor and DPO approve the application, then DHR will review the application, and determine whether there are enough funds in the program to allow the employee to participate. DHR will accept eligible employees into the program on a first-come, first-serve basis, based on when an employee submitted their complete application through DHR’s online application process. When the program is fully subscribed, remaining applicants will be put on the program waitlist.

What is the difference between Pre-Approval and Final Approval for the program?

An employee is pre-approved to participate in the program after their application has received approval from their supervisor, their Departmental Personnel Officer, and the Department of Human Resources. With this pre-approval, the employee register for the classes they indicated in their program application. The employee will receive final approval to participate in the program only after they submit proof of enrollment in the desired classes and verification of all requirements. With final approval, the employee can begin attending classes using paid release time.

What are reasons why my application for this program might get denied?

Some reasons why an employee’s application might get denied include:

  • The proposed class is not aligned to a degree or certificate program that will help the employee fulfill a minimum qualification for a job-class the employee aspires to obtain.
  • The class is offered during days/times that do not conflict with the employee’s regular work hours.
  • The employee is requesting more than 8 hours/week of release time to attend classes.
  • The employee’s absences for class sessions will detrimentally impact the operations of the work unit/division, and there are no other options to fill this work with replacement staff or reallocate work as needed.

What if other employees in my unit/division also want to apply for the program? Will we all get approved?

Your supervisor and your Departmental Personnel Officer will review all applications submitted. They will determine which employees are eligible for the program and meet program requirements. If there are multiple employees from the same work unit requesting participation in the program at the same time, and if work operations cannot be adjusted to allow everyone to participate, then your department may prioritize which application(s) to approve, based on seniority.

Can my work hours be adjusted to attend classes, rather than getting work release time with pay?

Yes. Work release time shall be granted only when the class session is during a regular work shift and the employee cannot be reassigned to another work shift. Employees can also discuss options to flex or adjust work hours so they can take classes without interfering with their work hours.

What if the class I want to take is offered at other times outside of my work hours, such as in the evening or on weekends, or online at any time?

If the class is offered at a time other than the employee’s regular work hours, then the employee must take this class during other times that don’t interfere with their work hours. The employee cannot take this class through the SEIU Work Training Program. This program is only for employees to attend a class that is not offered at any other time than during the employee’s typical workday.

Does this program cover the tuition costs or registration fees for me to enroll in classes? How will this cost be covered?

No, the SEIU Work Training program only covers the paid leave time for employees to attend classes. The program does not cover the cost of tuition or course fees. The employee is solely responsible for covering tuition and course fees. The employee can explore their union’s tuition reimbursement program and/or City University to see if their tuition/course fees can be supported in a different manner.

How long can I participate in the program?

Employees accepted into the SEIU Work Training program may participate for up to two years, as long as they show successful course completion and passing grades at the end of each semester. Employees must follow all program requirements to stay in the program. For example, the employee must select classes for a degree or certificate that helps them meet minimum qualifications for a job-class they want to promote to. Also, the employee must be sure the classes are not offered at any other time outside of the employee’s regular work day.

Educational Program Options

City College of San Francisco offers numerous degree and certificate programs. To learn more about these educational program options, visit: Degrees, Certificates and Transfer