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Entry-Level Jobs

Entry-Level Jobs

Have you recently graduated or completed a certification? Start here to begin a career with the City that has purpose.

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Career Pathway Programs

Career Pathway Programs

Gain new experiences and skills in public service. We offer apprenticeships, internships and fellowship programs.

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Job Seekers with Disabilities

The Access to City Employment (ACE) program provides an alternative route toward a meaningful career.

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Benefits and Perks

Health Care
Work-Life Balance
Retirement Plans
Family-Friendly Workplace

To learn more about the city benefits, visit the Benefits Overview page.

Others have made a big impact, and you can too.


Application Process

Find a role and apply

Find a Role and Apply

Start by finding the job for you and submitting your application. Learn how to apply for a position.

Initial Review

Initial Review

We'll review your application to make sure you have the appropriate set of skills for the role (2-4 weeks).

Exam and Interview

Exam and Interview

You're almost there! If specified in the job announcement, you may have to take an exam; otherwise, the hiring manager will decide who moves onto the interview. (4-12 weeks).

Background Check

Background Check

All jobs require some type of standard screening. Check out the job announcement for more details (1-8 weeks).

We believe in a diverse and inclusive workforce.

To learn more, see our Equal Employment Opportunity website.

Some of our Recent Hires

Alisa Cuenca

IS Business Analyst
Hired November 13, 2021

Joyce Alexander

Junior Engineer
Hired November 13, 2021

Robert Pineda

Manager II
Hired November 13, 2021

Fredrick Spence Jr

Hired November 13, 2021

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