Ventures is a community based program designed with groups of three individuals and a Community Team Leader. Ventures offers 100% supervision and is solely based in the community.. Each group of individuals is geographically close to each other and many activities take place in the city and close surrounding cities to each participant.

Ventures also offers work training skills in the form of part time paid employment for those individuals that are interested in working and every group participates in volunteer work. Some of our volunteer sites include Meals on Wheels, public libraries, food banks, retirement centers and churches to name a few.

In Ventures, participants learn safety skills, self-advocacy, mobility training and socialization skills and are encouraged to help create the weekly schedule with their Community Team Leader incorporating their hobbies and interests.


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Did you know that some of our Ventures groups deliver Meals-on-Wheels? Here Daniel and Maggie deliver a meal – it’s a great service and we are happy to participate!


Lutheran High School thrift store

Irwin and Annie from Ventures posing with the manager of the Lutheran High School thrift store where they volunteer by cleaning, arranging clothes and organizing books and videos.